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The “Bread Pit” Sourdough Starter

The “Bread Pit” Sourdough Starter

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The finest choice for self-reliant bakers, freeing you from having to buy store-bought yeast ever again!

A great starter is the KEY to mastering fermentation. Those who know bread know the importance a sourdough starter has to compel the dough to rise and possess great consistency. I created “Bread Pit” in order to help others begin their sourdough journey with a great foundation so they can build upon its care and get better with fermenting their bread. It's the same starter I use in all my YouTube videos. This starter features excellent dairy flavors and is very strong. 

You can use this starter to make bread, pizza, buns, baguettes and even brioche doughs.

Bread Pit is the most travelled and diverse sourdough starter in the world. The culture you receive has collected more wild yeast and bacteria in the following countries all across the world. As of now they include:
- Australia
- Bangkok
- Bali
- Canada
- Cook Islands (Aitutaki, Rarotonga)
- Denmark
- French Polynesia (Tahiti)
- Germany
- India (Delhi, Bangalore, Taj Mahal)
- Italy
- Kenya (Masai Mara, Nairobi)
- Mexico
- Mauritius
- New Zealand
- Portugal
- South Africa
- Tokyo
- Spain
- St. Vincent and the Grenadines
- USA (California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Florida, Hawaii)

For care: The package itself contains around 3 servings to reactivate the starter. Detailed instructions are provided in the package. Once reactivated it will be good for years, and you will never have to buy yeast again.

Thank you for your support! Your purchase directly contributes to my journey of spreading the love for bread making, one loaf at a time.
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