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The Bread Code

Crumb Structure Infographic (folded poster)

Crumb Structure Infographic (folded poster)

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Ever wondered what your sourdough bread's crumb reveals about your baking process? With this expertly designed infographic, you can now become a crumb detective, identifying nuances in your bread's texture and understanding what each tells you about your baking techniques.

Crumb Decoded: Learn to interpret various crumb structures, from tight to open, uneven to consistent, and understand what they signify.

Spot Mistakes: Identify common baking errors just by looking at the crumb. Overproofed? Underproofed? Baked too hot? Your bread's interior has the answers.

Visual Guide: Beautifully illustrated and easy to follow, this infographic is both a visual treat and a wealth of knowledge.

Perfect Your Craft: By understanding the feedback your crumb provides, refine your techniques to achieve that perfect loaf every time.

Durable & Handy: Made with top-quality materials, this guide is designed to last and is perfect for quick references while you bake.

The poster has A2 dimensions and is folded. Thank you for your support! Your purchase directly contributes to my journey of spreading the love for bread making, one loaf at a time.

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