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The Sourdough Framework (hardcover)

The Sourdough Framework (hardcover)

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Sorry - the book is currently sold out and I am working hard on printing another batch. If you are interested please subscribe to receive updates using the newsletter in the footer. And of course - you can read all the content for free here: There's absolutely no need to buy this book, unless you want to support me and my cause to teach more people around the world on baking bread 😊.

The Sourdough Framework goes beyond just recipes and provides a solid knowledge foundation, covering the science of sourdough, the basics of bread making, and advanced techniques for achieving the perfect sourdough bread at home.

The hardcover version of the sourdough framework is a custom designed version of the digital download. It includes even clearer instructions featuring meticulously designed graphics and eye-candy.

You can also check out the free digital version of the book which is available for download right here:

Thank you for your support! Your purchase directly contributes to my journey of spreading the love for bread making, one loaf at a time.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dennis Kuchenreuther
Sourdough Framework

Very nicely put together and thorough.

Benjamin Hartmann
Great Book

This ist a really great Book!

You made my day !!

Thank you for this wonderful combination of art and knowledge!!

Anna Gintere

Easy to understand and very schematic.

Jonathan Berneburg
Must have!

I highly recommend the book to everyone who wants to beak with sourdough. I personally only bought it to support Hendrick because he actually gives out all the information in a free digital book version.